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Shuttle Services

1 Way Shuttle Services

Miami -> Dolphin Mall = $15 // Dolphin Mall -> Miami = $15
Miami -> Sawgrass Mall = $19 // Sawgrass Mall -> Miami = $19
Miami -> Key West = $39 // Key West -> Miami = $39
Miami -> Orlando = $39 // Orlando -> Miami = $39
Miami -> Airport = $39


Round-Trip Shuttle Services

Miami -> Dolphin Mall -> Miami = $19
Miami -> Sawgrass Mall -> Miami = $29
Miami -> Key West -> Miami = $49
Miami -> Orlando -> Miami = $74
Key West -> Miami -> Key West = $49
Orlando -> Miami -> Orlando = $74


Enjoy the Convenience of Miami Shuttle Services

Transportation forms the basis for quick mobility, and efficient and effective transportation systems help save time, costs, and provide more scope for having work done quickly and also to commute for recreational, educational, and emergency services. One of the key modes of transportation in Miami is undoubtedly the shuttle service.

Why Florida?

Florida, one of the key states on the Eastern coast (and in America in general), continues to attract both domestic and international tourists; and tourism is one of the biggest sectors for the state with its tropical climate and sun soaked beaches.

Why Use Miami Shuttle Services on a Vacation?

Miami shuttle services offer attractive packages for some of the most adventurous and exciting trips at marvelous prices. Half Price Tour Tickets is one of the key providers of shuttle services in Miami, South Florida. They not only offer services for trips and tours, but rentals too. The best way to spend time more wisely and wonderfully is by availing the affordable and convenient services of Half Price Tour Tickets.

Transportation Options

Miami shuttle services rent a range of transportation means, such as skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, bicycles, and cars for people with all sorts of budget plans, stamina, time, and money.
Half Price Tour Tickets offers popular services namely shuttle, transfer, and charter services, which are of different types and provides efficient ways of transportation to important centers in an around Miami, Miami Beach, and the Florida region. It may be challenging to find transportation to certain places sometimes, but Half Price Tour Tickets ensures hassle-free and convenient means of transportation for everyone throughout the year. The services offered are luxury charter bus services between Orlando and Miami, ensuring convenience, style, and comfort.

Price Ranges

The different Miami shuttle services are as follows:

  • Airport Shuttle – Costs $39 for 1-4 people and $99 for 5-10 people
  • Orlando Shuttle – One way costs $39 and round trip $74
  • Miami to Key West Shuttle - Costs $39 one way and same day round trip for $49
  • Miami to Key Largo Shuttle – Costs $39 one way and $79 for a round trip
  • Dolphin Mall Shuttle – Costs $15, while the round trip totals up to $19
  • Sawgrass Shuttle from Miami to Sawgrass Mills Mall - Costs $25 for a one way trip and a round trip is priced at $30

There is also the convenience of renting or chartering a bus. This costs $299 for around a 1 to 3 hour trip and thereafter every additional hour (up to 8 hours) costs $85. These prices include the fuel costs and driver’s salary.
Miami shuttle services offer full day, half day, and even overnight rentals for both local and long-distance travel.

Miami shuttle services continue to enjoy tremendous customer patronage and cost-effective services. What a wonderful way to travel in Miami and throughout neighboring regions without burning a hole in your pocket! When fun trips combined with affordable services is available at your doorstep, it is time for commuters to take advantage of the best offers available and make your trip pleasurable, adventurous, and marvelous.