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Sawgrass Mall Shuttle

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$29.00 (You save $6.00)

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Miami Tours


Sawgrass Shuttle:

$19.00/one way
(Terminal Price $35.00)

*Child 0-2 years old go free.

$29.00/round trip
(Terminal Price $35.00)

*Child 0-2 years old go free.



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We invite you to visit the largest mall in the state of Florida, located in Sunrise. When you come to shop here you won’t be disappointed, with over 350 stores you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. This is one of the most exotic malls that Florida has to offer with places like the Rainforest Café, GameWorks, Billiard Club of the Oasis, and it’s very own Regal Cinemas you’ll find this mall promising.

Whether you’re looking for cuisine, fashion, or just an overall good time you won’t be let down. The anchor stores are Beall’s Outlet, JC Penney Outlet, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth, and VF Outlet, you’ll also find other popular stores like, Bed, Bath & Beyond, BrandsMart USA, Burlington Coat Factory, Marshall\'s, SuperTarget, and T.J. Maxx.

-Availability: Daily
-Departure points:

  • 1657 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Fl 33139 :: (MAIN OFFICE)
  • 235 9th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139 :: (9th Street Office)
  • 1599 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 :: (16th Street Office)
  • Hotel Pick Up Available! Click here for time sheet

Departure times:
9:00am (Arriving at Sawgrass Mall 10:15am)
or 12:00pm (Arriving at Sawgrass Mall 1:15pm)
7 days a week from terminal.
(Only returns at 6:00pm from Mall)

Shuttle Price:
Adult: $30.00
Child under 3 Years old: Free

Mall Location and Hours:
Sawgrass Mills Mall
12801 W Sunrise Blvd Suite 721
Sunrise, FL 33323
(954) 846-7130

Hours of Mall operation:
Open Mon-Sat 10am-9:30pm
Sun 11am-8pm

Book your trip today!!! For more information please contact us.

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  brazil-1-.png***Sawgrass Brazilian customer discounts available during the Summer!***


Sawgrass Mall Shuttle Services: The Gateway to a Shopping Paradise

Half Price Tour Tickets provides one of the greatest services Miami has to offer; the Sawgrass Mall Shuttle. This is a revolutionary service to the tourist and people who visit Miami Beach both for vacation and business purposes. Sawgrass Mills Mall is the second largest mall in Florida, making it a great vacation destination for those who want to purchase clothes, electronics, appliances and everything you can possibly imagine from the United States of America. Let’s check out the statistics and see why this is one of the most visited malls in the country. The mall has seniority over all the other malls in the area, the mall opened on October 4th, 1990 being one of the oldest malls in southern Florida. The mall is located approximately 40 miles north of Miami making this service ideal for those who are interested in one of the greatest shopping experiences that Miami has to offer.

The Sawgrass Shuttle Service

This Sawgrass shuttle service is a low price of $29 and departs daily from Miami and to Sawgrass, the magical thing about this service is that hotel pickup is provided throughout Miami Beach, and some hotels in Downtown Miami as well making it very convenient for people who are staying far from our location. Times of departure are 9:00AM and 12:00PM Monday through Sunday, you can either have 9 hours at the mall or 6 hours, departure from the mall is at 6:00PM daily. Once you arrive at the mall you’ll be in astonished by the genius of the mall, its beauty, size and the layout.

Sawgrass Mall (Shopping Center)

The Mall itself is made up of over 240 retail outlet stores ranging from electronics, hardware, fashion, appliances and many more categories there’s nothing you won’t find at the Sawgrass Mall. What attracts people the most is the amount of popular stores that are in the mall and also the fact that they’re outlet stores so the prices are extremely affordable and there is hardly any markup on the items that the stores sell. Each entrance to the mall is an anchor store that we are all familiar with, such as J.C Penny, T.J Maxx, Super Target and many more familiar super stores that are located around the world.

Sawgrass Mall Entertainment

Sawgrass Mills Mall is not only just a shopping center but an entertainment center as well, hosting various forms of entertainment such as a GameRoom where you can test your video game skills against other shoppers and gamers, you can find the latest video entertainment, console, and PC games at Sawgrass’ GameRoom. The mall also has many top notch restaurants so if you’re feeling hungry stop by and enjoy a delicious meal at famous Rainforest Café which is located under a huge indoor tent and gives you that rainforest feel. What’s unique about the café is the cuisine and the live entertainment which features singing Flamingo’s and Alligators. Visit the mall for yourself and experience the magic with our Sawgrass Mall Shuttle.




After the Sawgrass Mills Mall Shuttle: a preview of the Sawgrass Mills Mall for Visiting Tourists

What do tourists usually do after a long trip in their vacation spot? Most of the time they go on side trips or head over to the nearest hotel to unwind, but there are many who look for more relaxations in local bars and restaurants. Others search for souvenir shops to buy some stuff for their relatives at home. Now imagine if there is a place where you can do all these and more, and it’s located in the America’s vacation haven, Florida. Sound’s very appealing isn’t it?

Well, it definite does; Sawgrass Mills Mall is one of the largest malls in the state of Florida. Located in the bustling city of Sunrise, this commercial center has everything a tourist needs after a very long and meaningful trip across the city of Miami. This mall is the 6th biggest mall in the US and the 2nd in the state of Florida. It boasts a wide variety of amusement and commercial establishments that can cater to almost everybody’s taste buds. It’s very good outlet for visiting people from other states after they have toured the various attractions along Orlando and Miami via the Sawgrass Mills Mall Shuttle.

Sawgrass Mills Mall contains a hefty assortment of entertainment and dining stalls that everybody could avail. With over more than 350 shops on every imaginable item available on the market today, tourists can never go wrong with hat they could buy on this mall. Establishments like the Rainforest Café, Gameworks, the Billiard Club of the Oasis and several Regal Cinemas provide that much needed relaxation time after that long journey from Miami and vice versa through the Sawgrass Mills Mall Shuttle.

Other stalls that could be found in the Sawgrass Mills mall include; Beall’s outlet, JC Penny outlet, Neiman Marcus Last Call, and the VF outlet. This mall doesn’t come short of popular brands like the Burlington Coat Factory, BrandsMart USA and more. There’s definitely something for everyone’s discernible taste in terms of fashion, food and entertainment. And many of the goods come in very affordable prices too.

The mall is also considered one of the most exotic commercial centers in America, primarily because of its located in such a peculiar area. It’s a great place for the locals to have fun and hangout for a while. And it’s also a great place to conclude the whole tour around Florida, a fitting destination for the last ride of the Sawgrass Mills Mall Shuttle on its trip from Miami.

A visit to the Sawgrass Mills Mall would definitely complete the whole experience of one’s visit to Florida. If you find yourself looking for a satisfying ending for your tour in Miami, this is definitely one good option. Tourists can find and do everything they need here, especially if they have to search for remembrances that they can take back home or they simply need to immerse in some leisurely recreations. A trip to this mall and Miami as a whole can certainly make your vacation a truly memorable one and make the quality relaxation period you took a very worthwhile experience.



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