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Miami To Key West Tours

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$49.00 (You save $20.00)

Product Description

Miami to Key West Tours | $49

Snorkeling and other Activites Available.

Key West Tour Pictures

arrow.gif Round Trip Transportation.
arrow.gif Hotel Pickup and Drop-off.
arrow.gif Full Map of Key West.
arrow.gif Full History and Showcase.
arrow.gif Key West 1 Day Tour. 


  • Departure Dates: Daily - Non Stop Service
  • Depature Times:6:45AM
  • Duration: 15 Hours
  • Return Time: 10:00PM (Approximately)


Pickup Locations
arrow.gif 1657 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Fl 33139 (Main Terminal)
arrow.gif 235 9th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139
arrow.gif Hotel Pick Up Available! Click here for time sheet

After Booking Reservation, Please call to confirm

Check-in Return Time from Key West


-------Whitehead St & Greene St, Key West, FL 33040


Time: 5:30PM

Tour Highlights

Key West is an island parasise full of many wonders, below is a list of the city's highlights.

arrow.gif Key West Aquarium.

A fun and entertaining attraction for both adults and children alike; upgrade your trip to Key West with a visit to its aquarium. With many exhibits, tanks and shows to entertain their guests, this will end up being not only a fun journey but also an educational one. You can experience touching live sharks or maybe seeing the wetlands without ever boarding an airboat in this incredible aquarium that encompasses the best of South Florida. You can explore the many wonders of the underwater world and have somebody there to answer any and every question you might have; there is no better way to look into this astonishing and yet completely different world.

arrow.gif Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.

Experience nature at its best in this stunning conservatory! If you are looking for a more relaxed encounter then this is the perfect attraction for you and your whole family. This is a climate controlled and also glass enclosed habitat to nurture many types of butterflies. In this conservatory you can get up close and personal not only to over 50 different types of butterflies but also to live caterpillars, mid-age and in the process of developing into more beautiful butterflies. You will also be able to learn about a butterfly’s lifecycle, anatomy and so much more! Unwind from your day as you watch these beautiful butterflies settle down and float around this magnificent conservatory… you will wish you could fly with them.

arrow.gif Audubon House & Tropical Gardens.

The perfect combination between history and natural beauty! It is a 19th century house that has been preserved and turned into an exhibit along with its astounding tropical garden. It was arranged to be demolished before it was saved by the Wolfson family, and now it is an amazing historical and educational attraction. It holds an immense collection of art from John James Audubon, which is from where it receives its current name. Among other beauties this house preserves is also the astonishing garden outside the house, which would leave anyone breathless. Come and visit this remarkable attraction, believe us you won’t regret it.

arrow.gif Hemingway Home and Museum.

This house now turned museum was the home of respected and esteemed writer Ernest Hemingway. This astonishing home is located in the heart of Old Town Key West and welcomes many tourists and guests on a regular basis. It is currently a museum open to the public to visit and experience. Besides being open to the public, the house is also available to hold private events such as weddings or others. Come explore the house, rooms, gardens and many legendary cats that call this house their home…

arrow.gif Harry S Truman Little White House.

If you are a history buff or just want to learn what happened that made things what they are today then this is the attraction you are after! The Harry S. Truman Little White House is a history vault, you will not find any other place in Key West with more history behind it or that has seen more action. With just the mention of it being used during 3 major American wars is enough to be able to tell that this house has an immense history behind it. Though in the past its purpose was to be utilized as a Naval Station it also served as a vacation home for many honorable citizens. In our time it is a museum and a constant reminder of our precious American heritage for all of our upcoming generations to hold.

arrow.gif Key West Shipwreck Museum.

The Shipwreck Museum isn’t just a boring museum; it’s a whole experience unlike any other in town. It combines films, actors, and artifacts to teach you about the shipwreck era of Key West. You’ll learn about how it provided for the pioneers of the island as well. The 65’ foot guard tower is completely stable, and a great way to get a look at Key West in its entirety.

arrow.gif Mel Fisher Museum.

The Mel Fisher Museum is a maritime museum containing shipwreck artifacts from the 17th century. The museum’s society specializes in underwater archaeology and conservation, so this museum staff really knows what they’re talking about. The museum’s mission is to educate the public on maritime information, so you’ll be learning a plethora of information if you decide to check out this attraction.

arrow.gif Ripley's Believe It or Not!

If you haven’t heard of Ripley’s Believe It or Not before, then you’re about to discover the most bizarre museum you’ve ever heard of. Boasting over five hundred unique exhibits, the Key West Ripley’s is unlike any other because it combines the culture of the island with the Odditorium experience. Shrunken heads, two headed animals, and art made out of toast are just a few of the things you’ll see in the world’s weirdest museum.  

arrow.gif Red Barn Theatre.

The Red Barn Theatre started out a humble play house in an obsolete carriage house and has impressively grown into what it is today. The theatre is known for creating quality productions in the small space the actors have to work with. Big names such as children’s writer Shel Silverstein have allowed the theatre to produce some of his very grown up plays. This gem isn’t something to be overlooked while visiting the island.

arrow.gif Waterfront Playhouse.

The Waterfront Playhouse is a Key West cultural icon. Over fifty years old, this historic playhouse has been newly renovated and has a variety of shows, such as Reefer Madness and Carl Hiaasen’s Lucky You, running year round. Their goal is to bring high quality theatre to Key West, so you’re bound to have your mind stimulated by dynamic plot lines and have a blast watching a great production.


And many more!

Related Services


Miami to Key West Shuttle is a quick and easy transportation service that allows you to reach the island within 3 hours. The service is provided daily and on major holidays as well, they also provide various Key West tours as well.

Combo Price List


Miami to Key West Tour $49 -----
Jet Ski Rental and/or Tour in Key West $139 $124 Original Price = $139
Glass Bottom Boat in Key West $65 $60 Original Price = $139
Parasailing in Key West $65 $60 Original Price = $139
Snorkeling in Key West $45 $40 Original Price = $139
Shuttle Round-Trip Miami to Key West $49 -----
Shuttle Round-Trip From Key West to Miami $49 -----
Shuttle 1 Way From Key West to Miami $39 -----
Shuttle 1 Way From Miami to Key West $39 -----


From Miami to Key West it’s about a 4 hour bus trip through more than 40 different islands. Trip includes one stop for 30 minutes so riders can purchase food and take a restroom break. We will arrive to Key West at the Mel Fisher Museum (Whitehead St @ Greene St) around 11:30am, from there you have 6 hours of free time on the island to explore its many wonders!

With Snorkeling

Your adventure starts at the Mel Fisher Museum around 12:00pm after all the other passenger get off the bus. You will remain seated and the driver will drop you off at the marina where you will be boarding a Catamaran ship departing at 1:00pm to the coral reef. It is a 35 minute boat ride to the reef, and you will arrive at 1:35pm. You will enjoy the spectacular underwater beauty that is the coral reef for about 1 ½ hours (depending on ocean conditions). Once finished, you will board the ship and head back to the marina in Key West at around 4:30pm. You will still have the opportunity to enjoy the island until almost sunset and meet at the departure point by 5:45pm to head back to Miami.


F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. What is the distance from Miami to Key West?

Key West is right around the neighborhood, around 161 miles away from Miami whih is roughly 3 hours away driving depending on traffic. For those of you who don't use miles it's 259 Kilometers away.

2. Is there a Miami to Key West Ferry?

Unfortunately not at the moment but we're working very hard to provide this service for everyone and like always it will be at our amazing discounted prices, as soon as it's available we'll add the product.

3. How many passengers take the bus from Miami to Key West?

Since Key West is a popular vacation destination many people take it every day, but it really depends on the time of year, usually most people go to Key West during the winter around the holiday season and during the summer. Don't worry though we have multiple 57 passenger luxury coach buses to make sure we keep up with the demand.

4. Can we rent the whole Miami to Key West bus?

Absolutely, and you'll receive a huge discount as well, this can be arranged by contracting us via email or calling our main office directly at (305) 444-0707.

5. What is included with the transportation from Miami to Key West?

Aside from the round trip transportation we also provide free hotel pickup, depending whether or not your hotel is on our list we'll be able to pick you up, we cover the majority of hotels in Miami Beach so check it out! Chances are your hotel is on the list.

6. If I want to drive to Key West myself are there instructions on how to get from Miami to Key West?

Google is your best friend when it comes to researching and finding information, here’s a step by step guide on how to get to Key West via car. Click here

7. Is there any Miami to Key West cruise available?

We're also working on providing a cruise to Key West, as soon as it's available we're going to add it to the product list.

8. How do you get to Key West from Miami?

Half Price Tour Tickets offers daily tours and shuttles from Miami to Key West daily.

9. Is it safe to travel from Miami to Key West by car?

If you're a new comer to the state of Florida we don't recommend driving there without a GPS because you can get lost without one.

10. Do you only do one day from Miami to Key West or can we stay multiple days?

We don't only offer same day round trips to Key West, now you have the option to return any other day you want for an additional $30.

11. Do you offer the Snorkeling, Trolley Tours or the Ghost Tour in Key West?

As for now, we only offer the snorkeling tours in Key West.


An Affordable Miami to Key West Tour: Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Miami and Key West are two of the most popular holiday spots in southern Florida. Key West is a gorgeous island city located off the southern coast of Florida, about 160 miles from Miami. It is the last island of a cluster of islands called the Florida Keys. Tourists can come for a vacation to south Florida, spend a major part of their holidays touring the sights and sounds of the city, and then cap off the wonderful trip on a high note with a Miami to Key West tour.

Planning an exhilarating Miami tour

Miami is a glamorous city that is full of attractions and adventures. It is a tourist destination where you can indulge in complete relaxation at the sunny sandy beaches, party out at exotic clubs and mingle with celebrities, delight your taste buds with the most exotic and diverse cuisines, and trek through the vast wilderness wonderland known as the Florida Everglades. A Miami tour is indeed a visual extravaganza and a treat for all your senses! Some of the varied attractions in Miami are listed below.

Art lovers can go for a tour of the numerous art galleries, museums, and performance arts centers located in the city. The Wynwood Art District has some of the best and most psychedelic collection or murals or wall art.

Shoppers will be delighted by the plethora of malls, shops, boutiques, and stores located across the length and breadth of the city. It is also a city where you can get some of the best discounts in the world. Even the international brands and luxury products are available at throwaway prices!

Miami is also known for its amazing aqua escapades. Tourists can take a fun-filled Miami boat tour across the pristine waters of Biscayne Bay and enjoy unique views of the varied Miami attractions such as the Port of Miami, celebrity homes, and the lively Miami skyline. It is also an ideal city for indulging in varied water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, and fishing excursions.

There is no better way to check out the Miami attractions than a trip aboard open-roof double decker buses. These tours allow you to simultaneously enjoy the pleasant Miami sunshine and unique views of numerous tourist spots in the city. A few major places of interest in the city include the very picturesque Spanish Monastery, a Botanist’s paradise-the Kampong, the Calder racecourse, the Miami Zoo, and the scenic neighborhoods of Little Havana and Coral Gables.

A Miami city tour cannot be complete without a tour to the gorgeous sandy beaches. Beds are affordable and easily available. You can relax and unwind under the sun and get an envious tan.

Wildlife enthusiasts can go for a Miami excursion to the Florida Everglades and enjoy numerous wilderness adventures such as thrilling airboat tours, wilderness camping, peaceful rowing excursions aboard a kayak or canoe, joyous tram tours, and refreshing hikes across the sawgrass marshes.

Miami to Key West: How to get there?

- There are several ways to travel from Miami to Key West. Tourists can rent a car in Miami and then drive across the scenic Overseas Highway, across the many islands of the Florida Keys, all the way to Key West.
- Tourists can also take a Miami to Key West bus. It is both comfortable and affordable. Tourists can also avoid problems of navigating the traffic. It may however be noted that unlike private bus services, public buses may not ply all the way to Key West. Therefore, tourists may need to change a few buses before finally reaching the island paradise.
- Tourists can also take a ferry ride or a boat cruise from Miami to Key West, or avail the services of private boaters. You will travel across the azure waters from either the Atlantic side or the Gulf of Mexico side.
- The fastest mode of transportation from Miami to Key West is air travel. Tourists will reach the destination within 40 minutes from takeoff. You will usually travel in smaller airplanes called ‘puddle jumpers.’
- The best travel option is a Miami to Key West shuttle. It may be somewhat costlier; but it offers privacy so desired by families or couples. The shuttles run between the Miami airports and Key West, seven days a week.

A tour to Key West: Heaven on Earth!

Key West is one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. Hence, it is often referred to as the ‘Caribbean of America.’ Tourists who have come for a Miami to Key West tour can enjoy the below listed Key West attractions.

Accommodations in Key West:

Tourists can choose between varied accommodations ranging from traditional hotels and inns in old town Key West, quaint guest houses located in peaceful neighborhoods, and international chain hotels. Luxurious waterfront resorts with private beaches are very popular among tourists.

Different water adventures:

Tourists can go snorkeling in Key West and explore the beauty of the only living barrier reef in North America, the diverse species of fishes, and the vibrant marine life. Diving enthusiasts can scuba dive into the depths of the ocean and discover the mysteries of the shipwreck sites. Families with kids can go for glass bottom boat tours and check out the underwater treasures without actually diving into the waters. The Key West waters are also ideal for big-game fishing excursions, kayaking, and dolphin sightseeing.

Key West tours of the land attractions:

A Conch train tour offers a trip to all the historical places of importance in Key West. A trolleybus tour will take you across the varied attractions of old town Key West. A few must-visit land attractions in Key West include the spectacular mansions built in the unique Key West architectural style, the shipwreck museum, Key West lighthouse, Key West Nature and Butterfly Conservatory, and the different entertainment options like Red Barn theater and Tropic Cinema.

The Dry Tortugas National Park:

It is a group of seven sand and coral islands, located about 70 miles from Key West. Visit the park to check out the historic Fort Jefferson, diverse avian and marine life, as well as breathtaking scenery. 

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    this was such an awesome experience for my family and i. we had so much fun and looking forward on coming back again next time we come back down to miami

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