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Miami To Key West Delights at Every Corner


Miami To Key West History

Key West is a beautiful island which is just a few hours drive from Miami. It was originally called “Cayo Largo,” which in Spanish means Long Key. The island is the northernmost part of the chain of islands called the Florida Keys, and is also the largest one. Tourists who come to Miami can take a Miami to Key West shuttle and spend a mesmerizing weekend at the island city.

Miami To Key West - Valuing Mother Nature

Miami To Key West Tours

Miami To Key West Tours

It may be noted that even though the distance between Miami Tours is miniscule, the two cities are miles apart when it comes to tourists attractions. Key West is a delight for all those who love the outdoors. A Miami Tours tour offers trips to some of the true natural wonders of the world. It is one of most sought after destinations for scuba diving. It is also home to abundant and a wide variety of wildlife. Tourists going for Miami to Key West tours will be enthralled by the effervescent fauna and the lush flora that are scattered across different places of interest such as the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, and the Dagny Johnson Key West Hammock Botanical State Park. The close proximity of Key West to the Everglades National Park also makes it a favorite haunt for kayakers and canoeists.

Last, but not the least, tourists will be delighted by sights of the American Crocodile at the Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge. On the return trip, tourists may use the services of a Miami Tours Shuttle and be privy to a gorgeous sunset while driving across the Overseas Highway. The sight of kaleidoscopic hues of the setting sun against the colorful sky and the lava-like waters is one that you will remember for a lifetime. Tourists who come from Miami Tours must ensure that they check out the underwater hotel and spend at least a day experiencing the unique ambiance. It is one of most popular Key West attractions.

Miami To Key West - The Amazing Underwater Hotel

The Jules Underwater Lodge was initially constructed as a research facility to study the continental shelf. It has now been converted into a hotel. It is situated thirty feet below the surface level of the sea water. It may be noted that all patrons who wish to stay at the hotel need to have diving experience. The novice divers need not be disappointed. The hotel offers a simple training course for all the inexperienced divers. The course will allow you to be able to dive and get into the hotel and also come out. Tourists may also opt for a complete diving certification.

Miami To Key West - Manipulating Mother Nature

Sleeping below the water level with sights of the marine life and vegetation is like a dream. It cannot be compared to any other experience. The popularity of this hotel has prompted the construction of several such underwater hotels in Key Largo. The rooms in the lodge are big enough to accommodate 6 people. There is a common room which consists of a fully stocked kitchen. When traveling from Miami To Key West tourists who want a gourmet meal can opt for tour packages that offer the services of a chef.