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Everglades Tours Presents Thing to Do With Your Pets in the Everglades National Park



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A good vacation adventure is driving from miami to key west or an Everglades Tours excursion. The unique natural ecosystem of the Everglades is a habitat conducive for the existence of several species of animals and birds that may be seen on the airboat tours. There is something for visitors of all ages visiting the park like the airboat tours, the swamp buggy rides, camping, bird watching and more. The unique landscape of the Everglades National Park spans over 1.5 million acres and over one third of that is covered with water. When vacationing in Miami Don't forget to try a miami to key west drive or an Everglades Tours expedition.

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Remember to take a drive from miami to key west on your next vacation or an Everglades Tours outing. 

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This ecosystem is made up of an amalgamation of many different habitats. Book your tour of the Everglades at great prices with halfpricetourtickets.com. The marshy wetland landscape of the Everglades National Park provides a fabulous habitat for over 40 species of mammals, 350 species of birds and 27 species of snakes and many other endangered and threatened creatures. If you are planning to visit the park with your pets, there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy. Here are some fun things to do in the Everglades National Park with your pets.

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On your next vacation excursion consider a miami to key west ferry boat ride or an Everglades Tours trip. 

1. Go boating

 Boating in the open water of the Everglades National Park is a challenging and fun experience. Boating through landscapes like the Florida Bay can provide for a great adventure on the ocean that your pet can accompany you on. These landscapes are amalgamations of interconnected basins, grassy mud banks and mangrove islands that are the nursery, nesting or feeding grounds for many species of marine life like the West Indian manatee, the American crocodile, the bottlenose dolphin, the loggerhead turtle, and many types of birds and fish. A good vacation consideration is driving from miami to key west florida or Everglades Tours travel.

 2. Go for a drive

 Driving along the Tamiami Trail is an amazing experience that you can enjoy with your pet in tow. Shark Valley stands in the middle of a huge sawgrass prairie. The Shark Valley Loop Trail offers visitors a chance to experience the landscape in much closer quarters. There are many hardwood hammock trees islands that are interspersed within the marshy prairie that make for a scenic drive through. Consider taking a bus from miami to key west on your next vacation outing or Everglades Tours expedition. 

3. Go on a camping trip  

The Everglades National Park has many designated campsites where pets are allowed. There is much beauty to take in the great outdoors, including sleeping under the stars. The Everglades National Park abounds with many different scenic landscapes that are perfect for camping and exploring with your pet.

Things to Keep in Mind

Pets are not allowed on paddleboat camping trips. All pets must be on a leash not exceeding six feet and must be under close supervision at all times. Do not bring pets along with you when you are on the trails as wild animals may confuse it with prey. Dispose of all pet waste immediately and in a park-approved manner i.e. in a sealed plastic bag. Avoid allowing your pets to exercise, swim or drink in waters of the park that are unknown to be free of alligators. Due to their size, alligators often confuse pets for small mammals that constitute their prey and may attack. A good vacation pilgrimage to consider is taking a bus from miami to key west on your next vacation or an Everglades Tours outing.

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