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Top 4 Things to Enjoy in South Beach

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Top 4 Things to Enjoy in South Beach

In the early ‘90s, South Beach became the hub for vibrant nightlife and stylish lifestyle. This is what turned

SoBe into one of the most sought-after destinations in Miami. Today, this area is still part of all Miami tours,

but rather than being renowned for its nighttime soirees, South Beach has become a popular daytime vacation


Many Miami tours begin from South Beach, even the highly popular Everglades tours. So, there is no dearth of

activities that you can enjoy in South Beach. However, if you are a first-time visitor to SoBe, there are a few

activities that you should experience before your vacation is over.

1. Scooter Rentals

The best way to see everything South Beach has to offer is via scooter rentals. Using car rentals for sightseeing

can be frustrating, as the traffic and limited parking will get on your nerves. Scooter rentals give you the

freedom to plan your own itinerary and you can hop from shop to shop without feeling restricted.

You will have the convenience of bicycle travel coupled with the speed of a motorized vehicle. You will be able

to cover more and enjoy the sights and sounds that you want, as a result.

2. Boat Tours

South Beach is a great place to book boat tours. If you are lucky, you will be able to enjoy a few dolphin

encounters. Otherwise, don’t worry. You can still use this opportunity to visit Star and Hibiscus Island, which is

dotted with grand mansions belonging to celebrities. Other boat tours can take you to Fisher Island or

Millionaire’s Row. Don’t worry; all the boat tours come with a guide who would be more than happy to educate

you with stories and anecdotes.

3. Parasailing

Who doesn’t like some adrenalin pumping activity now and then? South Beach offers you the unique

opportunity to parasail over Biscayne Beach or the Atlantic. This is one adventure you just cannot afford to


There are boats that are especially designed for parasailing and the experienced boat captain will explain the

safety procedures carefully, making sure you understand them perfectly. Once you’re ready, you will gently be

elevated to about 800 feet above the water. What fun!

4. Jet Ski Rentals

Jet Ski rentals are perfect if you want to a glimpse of manatees or have unforgettable dolphin encounters. Once

you have finished these experiences, you can jet off to any other location your heart desires, such as the Port of

Miami or visit Star Island, the home Miami’s celebrities.

Feeling the air rush through your hair and the salty water spray gently caressing your face while you ride the

waves is an experience you will cherish all your life.

There is some much to do at South Beach besides going for sizzling parties or working on your tan. These few

must-experience activities will truly help you make the most of your Miami vacation. Just partner with a travel

company that understands your needs and you’re good to have a whale of a time. Contact us today to plan and

organize the most amazing and exciting Miami tours for you.

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